Scotland is a treasure trove, full of hidden getaways that you will not find anywhere else in the UK. There are fantastic places in Scotland that you need to see. From the hill of the highlands to the bustling capital city, there is something for everyone. Do not let the weather deter you, here in Scotland, there are plenty of indoor places to visit. Come and explore the beautiful country of Scotland, and explore places that you could only dream of.

Knockinaam Lodge


If your idea of luxury is staying at beautiful hotel surrounded in stunning scenery, then Knockinaam lodge would make the perfect getaway. This amazing hotel is situated at the South West of Scotland. it is only 20 miles from the most Southerly point in Scotland, but yet only two hours away from Glasgow. the Knockinaam lodge is one of Scotland’s finest small hotels.

The views from this magnificent hotel are breath-taking.  You will be welcomed to the hotel by amazing views of Northern Ireland. As well as this, the hotel grounds make up 30 acres of garden that run down to a private beach. Enjoy this stunning hotel and all its glory while visiting Scotland.

Marcliffe Hotel & Spa


This elegant five-star country hotel is a relaxing and luxurious location, perfect for any getaways. The Marcliffe hotel and spa is located the North-East of Scotland, on the outskirts of Aberdeen. This picturesque hotel and spa was opened in 1993 by Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. It has since become Aberdeen’s only five-star hotel. This is the perfect place to explore what Scotland has to offer.

This hotel is situated in eleven acres of wooden grounds. The Marcliffe hotel and spa also offers world class salmon fishing, executive golf and a historic castle. This splendid landscape will let you delve into the wonder world of Scotland. if you love indulgence, this stunning hotel and spa would make the perfect location for a Scottish getaway.

Belmond Royal Scotsman


For effortless luxury visit the Belmond Royal Scotsman. Known as the most luxurious and prestigious train in the world, it is worth a visit. It is a small train, only carrying 36 guests at a time. you will travel through Scotland’s breath-taking countryside in private cabins.

The train travels straight into the heart of the highlands, where you will get to enjoy stunning Scottish mountains and sleepy lochs. You will be indulged and relaxed as you enjoy a gastronomic dining experience with friends. Luxury Scottish food will be served at five-star rate. Once the dinning is over, you will enjoy a Scottish dram while listening to Scottish history. Guests are made to feel like honoured guests at a private party.

The exclusive party continues as you get off the train and visit stunning castles and private homes. As well as this, you can add a private tour of the many Scottish distilleries that we have to offer.