Wire shelves are a form of shelving which can be used in many different environments to hold and store items. Typically, this form of shelving is often commonly found within hospitality environments. In this guide we will go over what you need to know about wire shelves as well as looking at alternative storage options and how effective that may prove depending on your budget as well as objectives.

wire shelves

Wire Shelves

 Wire shelves are shelving that is used as storage and is made out of a thinner than normal material. One of the main factors that sets them apart from regular forms of shelving is the fact that wire shelving is considerably lighter than a regular shelf. This means that it is more mobile and easier to move around which has led to it being a common site within events thanks to its mobility.

Here are some of the main benefits of wire shelving-

  • Wire shelves are not as large as other forms of shelving meaning that they can help to save a considerable amount of space within a property or premises.
  • These forms of shelves are well designed and can often add to the overall look of a properties character and improve the look of a room overall as the shelves can blend into most environments thanks to their thin material and low profile.
  • Wire shelving is lightweight and mobile meaning that it can be used in a range of different environments
  • Wire shelving has small gaps in the shelves which means that dust built up is greatly reduced and items are much more visible across the entire shelf.
wire shelves


As well as wire shelving another way in which you can store items is self-storage. Self-storage is a form of storage where people put items into storage for a period of time. There are a lot of advantages to doing this which we will discuss. One of the main advantages of using a self-storage facility is freedom of access and flexibility. What’s great about using a self-storage facility is most self-storage facilities offer 24-7 access meaning that they can be used at any time and that customers can come and go as they please. Furthermore, people who use self-storage can also benefit from flexible payment plans and terms of use meaning that they can extend how long they need the storage or take back their items within a matter of days if needed.

People use self-storage for many different reasons and a lot depends on circumstances as well as budgets. Another key benefit that can come as a result of using self-storage is organisation and overall tidiness. Many people struggle to keep their home or study organised/tidy purely due to the sheer number of items they own. One way in which this can be tackled is through the use of self-storage. Self-storage allows for large quantities of items to be moved with little hassle and this can help peoples mental health as well as overall organisation within their homes.