It is no secret that the sales of DVD’s have been decreasing for a number of years. As social platforms and networks find new ways to show our favourite movies and films, as well as new releases, the want for DVD copies are declining.

However, it is believed that even though sales are consistently declining, DVD’s will never truly die. There are many people around the world who still collect DVD copies and will continue to keep the niche market alive.

There continues to be, and always will be, an old appreciation for DVD’s. For many of us, they hold many nostalgic emotions and can bring us back to our childhood. Which is why streaming a film on TV, will never truly be the same.

Many stores continue to stock movies in this format and will still dedicate a large area of the store to DVDs themselves. This is in despite of the declining sales. It is also common for streaming services to remove certain movies over time from their platform. Whereas, once you have a DVD copy, you basically have it forever.

Because of the nostalgic, old-school value that DVD’s will eventually adopt, their worth in value will increase over time. This may be a reason why people continue to collect and buy them. Just like VHS, it still has a piece of people’s hearts.

Even though technology continues to advance day-by-day, it does not always mean that new inventions will replace old ones. There is something special about older inventions that changed the world and people’s lives. There is something about it that you just can’t replace.