Celebrity endorsement is a popular marketing technique that is used by many companies to promote a product or service.

A celebrity endorsement should represent the brand image and be a good fit for the brand. It is helpful for celebrities and the companies they endorse to share the same values, as this will help build trust between consumer and brand by showing transparency. Not every celebrity will fit with every brand (you aren’t going to see Dame Maggie Smith on a forever 21 ad anytime soon…although I’d actually kind of love that.)


Advantages of Celebrity Endorsement

Can Build Brand Equity

Celebrity endorsement can make it easier for a brand taps into new markets. If the celebrity endorsing a brand is well-known then people – especially diehard fans – are more likely to pay attention. Celebrities also have a huge influence over people and simply seeing their favourite celebrity with a product is enough to make them try it!

People Believe They Are Getting a High-Quality Product

This is down to the basic perception about celebrities which manifests itself onto the brand or product they are endorsing. When people see a well-respected celebrity endorsing a product the general consensus is “oh well if they’re promoting it then it must be good!”

This is because with their incredibly busy schedules if they have taken time out to endorse a product then it must be worth it. As well as this, celebrities are perceived as being able to buy whatever they want, as for many of the money is not even a worry to them. Even though the celebrity has most likely not bought the product/service they are endorsing, the way the public perceives it is often different to the reality.

Can Build Brand Trust

People can get emotionally invested in the lives of their idols. With the use of social media, nowadays, it’s easier than ever before for celebrities to build up a strong bond and trust with fans. When a celebrity endorses a product this trust can be transferred onto a brand, and fans may start to trust the brand. All of this can lead to your brands’ value and reputation improving overnight.

Celebrity endorsement also helps personify a brand, this is to do with being able to put a face to a brand name or product, which can make it more relatable and more appealing to invest in and buy.

Can Make an Advert Stand Out

Celebrity endorsement may help advertisements stand out from others – especially if it’s a big name who is promoting it. Many adverts get lost in the “clutter” of modern day marketing, and this can make it difficult for a company to fully reap the benefits of marketing.

Celebrity endorsement doesn’t only help your advert stand it, it also helps people to remember the advertising campaign more easily.