Man dealing with problem at work

In business and any work place there are always going to problems. It is a natural part of human nature. Most people are very passionate about their careers and want things to run smoothly therefore emotions can be heightened when a problem arises. If you are struggling with a problem and don’t know how to do deal with it, things will probably start to fester and stress you out.

This guide intends to give some examples of how to deal with different difficult situations in the workplace. Naturally every workplace is different and the people are different too. Don’t act on any advice you are not sure about as it won’t turn out the same for everyone. This is merely a chance for you to read through some hypothetical situations to see if it can inspire you to resolve the problem you are dealing with at work.

Woman solving problem at work

Problem with a Boss or Co-worker

This is a common problem in every office, store or work space. Not everyone gets along and unfortunately you can’t choose your co-workers or your management. This is the most common problem and yet the most tricky to deal with. Try to get to know the person you are dealing with, in terms of how they react to certain situations. The last thing you want to do is fuel the fire. Never accuse the person of behaving a certain way as that is criticism which this person will not take well especially if they do have a problem with you. Rephrase and use the word “I” instead. For example: I feel as though we are having a breakdown in communication and I want to resolve this issue.


Feeling Undervalued or Underappreciated

Arrange a sit down with your manager and explain that you really enjoy your job and want to progress and get feedback but feel you are not sure what the expectations are. In this circumstance you are looking to converse with your superior and get them to talk so don’t speak too much. Leave the questions open and encourage them to want to share with you. Stay positive as much as possible.

Man in office with problem

Passed Over for a Promotion

Again in this situation you want to encourage feedback and honesty from your superior. Vocalising how much you enjoy your role is important here as you don’t want to give the impression of dissatisfaction. You want your boss to feel confident that you are happy continuing in your role for now. Again ask for a sit down and explain that you were very hopeful for the promotion and would like to discuss how you can ensure that the next opportunity you are successful.