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In today’s internet age, the importance of having a successful online presence has never been greater. With more than 45 million people having access to the internet across the UK it is extremely important that your company has an online presence. Although it is vital to be available to the customer online, not everyone gets it right. You need to have a strategy put in place to ensure customers come back and love your site. These website design tips will help boost your online presence and success.

Be Inviting

Customers like to feel that they are welcome when they visit a website. If you successfully design your website to invite customers, then you will ensure customers loyalty.  Designing your website with bright, inviting colours will draw customers in. Colour plays a huge part in phycology. With bright colours representing openness and happiness. Therefore, when you choose the colour for your website, you must ask yourself what you want to achieve. If you want to be an inviting website that will be attractive to your target audience, then you need to choose bright, cheerful colours.

Another way to invite customers to your website using design techniques is to have a staff page that has pictured of the team. This will let the customer feel like they already know and trust you. Before people commit to a business, they like to know who they are buying from or working with. For this reason, designing an ‘our team’ page will be beneficial to your business. 

website design

Be Available

One thing that most companies get wrong is their availability. Although they might have the best-designed website it is pointless unless they put the effort in to be available to their customers. To build customer trust and loyalty you need to accessible and easy to reach. This will show your target audience how much you care and treasure their custom.

To ensure that you are conveying your availability on your website you need to use different design techniques. On your website, it would be beneficial to have a ‘contact us’ page. This page would give your customers a platform to contact you. This page should have a contact form as well as a direct email and phone number on it. Having this information available on your website will give your customers and potential customer alike all the information they need to contract you. Another thing you could add to your website design would be a ‘live chat’ design. This will provide your target audience with the chance to directly contract you in real time.

Website Design

Be Relevant

One of the most common reasons why people visit websites is to find out new information. Designing a ‘what’s new’ section, either filled with up to date information or new products will be extremely beneficial to your customers. to keep your customer’s loyalty and trust it is important to maintain your website. This will ensure that you have relevant, up to date information on it. Keeping the information new and existing will ensure your customers visit your website.