Damp specialist Glasgow damp proofing a house

In Glasgow, and anywhere in Scotland, it is important to take care of our homes, especially due to the cold and rainy weather that we are subject to. As many problems can occur from harsh weather conditions, such as damp in your home, you are best to adhere to advice from professional property preservation experts regarding weather proofing and checking for potential problems. Richardson and Starling have been delivering property care since 1935. Using information from their extensive information sources this article will highlight the main things to be wary of when it comes to property preservation and why it is important to solicit the services of a damp specialist in Glasgow such as Richardson and Starling.

Tide marks in the wall show damp as per advice from damp specialist in Glasgow

Damp Specialist Glasgow Guide to Rising Damp

Rising damp, as the name suggests, is moisture rising up from the ground through masonry walls or brickwork. Many people are unaware that walls and the materials that they are made from act as a sponge. You can identify rising damp from tide marks near the bottom of the walls. If you do see such a mark then you should contact a damp specialist in Glasgow.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is a much more serious problem. This type of damp can transfer into your home through the roof, walls, pointing or the ground. Usually penetrating damp can be identified by strange watermarks, suspicious growths of mould, damage to timber or plaster, or unusual smells. Water coming into your home from these areas shows that there is a weakness in the external casing of the building. It is imperative that you contact a damp specialist in Glasgow if you think you have penetrating damp as there may be a lot of work required.

Damp specialist Glasgow equipment in a flooded house

Condensation as a Cause of Damp

Condensation is probably one of the main causes of damp. Condensation happens when warm and moist air is cooled and can no longer hold water in vapour form. This is what causes mist to appear on windows or droplets of water to appear on pipes. The temperature at which the air cannot hold any more moisture is described as the dew point. The dew point is when the water or moisture that was in the air turns back to liquid form. Activities such as cooking, drying clothes, bathing and breathing increase the amount of moisture in the air.

Damp Specialist Glasgow: Richardson and Starling

Richardson and Starling have been in the property preservation industry for over 80 years and understand the complexities in treating rising damp. Unfortunately there are many factors that must be taken into consideration before determining the best solution, such as condensation, leaking gutters or leaking plumping. Due to these complexities Richardson and Starling will complete a comprehensive survey so that they can understand the route cause and all contributing factors before taking any action. It is this knowledge and approach that has led to Richardson and Starling being known as a damp specialist in Glasgow.