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Whether you’re looking to improve your health or simply live a healthier life, small changes can make a big difference. Moreover, regular health screenings also called womans health check are essential for maintaining good health. Regular health screenings, such as pap tests and pelvic exams, can help detect problems early and avoid them altogether. You must have to accept the fact that things won’t be the same as in the 50s they were when you were in your 20s and 30s. As we age our bodies demand more care and more attention.


Ageing is something most woman are deeply afraid of, however we can only accept it and make sure we are ageing well. That’s why women’s health check is necessary after the 50s.

What Should Be In Your Diet When You Are Over 50?

For starters you should eliminate all junk food from your diet as this will only make things worse. Avoid food that spikes your blood sugar levels and deprives your body of nourishment. Eating more frequently and avoiding sugary foods can help you age well. Bellow you will find a list with things that are a gold package for you to maintain health!


Olives are recommended to eat after 50 years for women.Olives are not only beneficial for older women, but young ladies can also use them as they increase fertility. Furthermore, olives have antioxidants that reduce the chances of cancer in the body and the effect of ageing. 

Drink Milk

Calcium deficiency is something woman should pay close attention to, especially woman that are 50+ of age. Lack of calcium in the bones leads to a disease called osteoporosis. Therefore, it’s necessary to drink one cup of milk every day if you want to live long and healthy.

But unfortunately, most gastrointestinal problems like lactose intolerance and bloating stop women from taking a sip of milk everyday. But you can fulfil the need by consuming lactose-free milk or calcium supplements.

Vegetables and Fruits

So if you have a habit of staying away from a plate full of colourful vegetables, then you should have to work on that as you are depriving your body of good and very much needed nutrients! Vegies and fruits should be your best friends and no meal should be without them.

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Use Multivitamins

If your diet isn’t fulfilling your demand for nutrients, you may have to add multivitamins to your diet! After a woman’s health check, the doctor usually recommends starting using items like capsules of omega 3, vitamin c pills, and folic acid tablets.

Protein Uptake

Chicken and beef are the perfect sources of protein that can keep your muscles in shape. However, if you don’t like the taste, you can look for plant-based proteins which are enough to meet your daily need.

Avoid Fried Food

Women with diabetes, renal issues, and hepatic problems should abstain from eating fried items. The major cause of heart attack is the high level of cholesterol in the body. Furthermore, your perfect figure will start turning into a rolling ball if you keep using oily stuff in your diet.

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Take-Home Message

Prevention of diseases in natural ways is the best option. Therefore, stick to your diet plan, and keep visiting your doctor after every 6 months to keep an eye on your health state. And don’t forget to get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is essential for overall health and happiness.