Hire event staff to set up these tables and chairs in your temporary pavilion.

Running an Expo Can Be Challenging

Unless you are an extremely experienced event manager, running an entire expo can be really challenging. There are many things to consider when running an event, but an expo can often have some really detailed components depending on the exhibitors and the theme of the event. We aim to provide a detailed set of advice which should help you ahead of you organising your first large expo.

Expos have been a popular way of exhibiting everything from art to business for hundreds of years. It is a tried and tested event structure, so make sure you get it right. If you hire event staff who work hard and are specialists in your area then you will be more likely to do well. If you are holding the event in a temporary pavilion then there will be even more facets of the event to consider.

Hire event staff to show films at the expo in your temporary pavilion.

Choosing the Best Temporary Pavilion

The first thing to do is to ensure that you are using the best temporary pavilion for the job. Unless you use a permanent conference centre, a temporary pavilion is the best thing for your expo. You can talk to companies like VBS Structures who can take you through the process of choosing the best pavilion for your needs. Companies like that are experienced in dealing with professional companies with modern visions for their temporary pavilion so you will be in good hands.

Hosting the Right Type of Exhibitors

Next, you need to think about the exhibitors who will be in attendance at your expo. This will entirely depend on your theme. However, you should always consider getting a real mix at your event so that attendees have fun and stay engaged. You can have a mix of seasoned professionals with up and coming exhibitors so that you are supporting all spectrums of the field of interest.

The perfect temporary pavilion where you can hire event staff to serve drinks.

Hire Event Staff to Help You Out

It is important that you do not try to do everything yourself. Think about where you can hire event staff that can help you during the planning and throughout the event. You can hire event staff to either help with things like serving drinks or they can help you construct the building and exhibition stalls before the event. You can find staff with a range of skills from agencies like TenTen Events who cater to all needs. They have a large database of skilled staff who can be on hand to help with whatever you need.