Social media marketing plays a huge role in digital marketing and has revolutionised the way in which businesses/brands can connect with their audiences. It involves using social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc to advertise products and services on the market.  Here we will discuss the benefits that social media marketing can bring to your company.


Since customers are more inclined to buy from brands that they know of, it is vital to create and increase brand recognition to keep customer loyalty. With using social media marketing, you can create a large community of loyal customers by interacting and communicating with audiences easily and quickly. It also carries the advantage of being able to promote your brand faster than traditional marketing.

Budget Friendly

Marketing can be expensive to start-up businesses who wish to be seen in a sea of competition. However, the majority of social platforms will allow you to create a profile and post content on their platform for free. Knowing what your niche is, what content you wish to create and who you want to target is half the battle. Being able to execute your ideas will either be free or extremely affordable.

Increase Conversions

Every piece of content that is posted on your social media account, carries the ability to drive more traffic to the company website. This could be through call to actions, interactions, the buying process etc. All aspects of your social media can lead back to your website, bringing in more visitors daily which will eventually increase brand recognition over time.

Tracking Analytics

Facebook and Instagram specifically have excellent analytical tools built into the platform. These analytics can show how people interact with your brand online, how many people comment or like your content and view your landing page. It can also give a deeper insight into audience analytics such as age, gender, location and what time they are most active online.


Take advantage of social media marketing today by setting up your social accounts. There are extraordinary goals to achieve through the power of digital marketing, especially in the current digital age. Express yourself and your brands personality and get connecting with audiences that are just like you.