In the movie industry , there is a lot to be said for the actors and directors that make the magic happen- on screen. Making a “good” movie requires time , dedication and often a hefty budget in order for a movie to be greatly successful overall. In this article we will look at the many different factors that can overall contribute to the making of a good movie and how it might set itself apart from other films overall.

The Concept And Budget

Two greatly important factors that can contribute to the overall success of a film in general are the concept and the budget. These influence the film as the concept influences what is happening on screen and the budget affects the quality of the film e.g costumes , special effects etc.

The concept of a film normally stems from a story that has been told or a set of ideas that have been based on real life events. Although having said this there are also films that are entirely fictional and sometimes have a somewhat unbelievable plot. E.g olympus has fallen.

In terms of budget there have been low budget film successes ,such as the Blair witch project. However, these films are few and far between and due to the competitive nature of the film industry the bar is set very high in order for new films to break the mould. This film was made on a shoestring budget of just $60,000. It ended up making over 248 million dollars at the box office as it gained cult following and high acclaim across the world.

The Acting

A crucial part of movies that simply can never be overlooked is the overall quality of the acting in the film. Depending on the characters and how the actors portray them a film can be hit or miss. Often films with bigger budgets can afford actors with greater acing experience and expertise. Often they are regulars or big names within Hollywood who take on many different roles.

However a common misconception is that the most well known actors are the best actors. This is simply not the case and there are many examples of actor’s who are new in the industry making very good performances overall and being nominated for awards.

Creativity And Effort

Creativity and effort from the actors, directors and film crew can make all the difference in a movie. Often films which have been meticulously performed and analysed are successful as often the organisation behind the film has put a lot of effort overall into the film itself overall and it’s portrayal.

Often it is easy to tell if a director is passionate about their film as it comes across during the film and how it is conveyed. Furthermore , although director’s have a major role in the film it is important to note that the entire film crew as well as the actor’s contribute a lot to making a film successful.


Overall to conclude it is clear that in order for a film to be successful it needs to have a committed team behind it as well as a skilled director and a moderate budget in order to get a chance at success. The movie industry is a ruthless industry overall and many films fail to even get off the ground for a wide range of different reasons.