convert VHS to DVD

If you have a load of old VHS tapes lying around you may well be considering converting them to a different format. In this mini guide we will look at why you should convert VHS to DVD and what the overall benefits would be if you chose to do so.

convert VHS to DVD

The VHS Tape

The VHS tape has been in use since the 1970s and has been a popular media format for many years. This is in part to its affordability and widespread availability across the world overall. It remains in use to this day.

However VHS is becoming increasingly outdated and production has stopped for VHS players due to the mass use of online services as well as DVD’s which are a more modern and sustainable alternative to VHS tapes.

One of the main downfall’s of the VHS tape is it’s susceptibility to issues which could have a major effect on it overall. One of these issues is its lack of magnetism from the tape. Due to the construction and material used for the tapes, they typically only last from ten to thirty years as the materials wear out over time and can be difficult to replace.

Another Issue with this particular media format is that it has become outdated and support for it is dwindling. There are few VHS repair shops left and additionally , the VHS player is no longer produced.

convert VHS to DVD

What Are The Benefits Of Converting VHS To DVD Format Overall?

There are range of benefits that can be enjoyed as a result of converting VHS to DVD format overall. One of the main advantages that can be enjoyed as an immediate result of this process is considerably longer shelf life. Provided a DVD is stored correctly and has minimal damage it can be kept for over 100 years in working condition thanks to the materials used.

This means that the DVD is clearly a considerably more sustainable option overall than VHS format. Another benefit that the DVD has over the VHS tape is that it is a lot more flexible in terms of formats than VHS. This means that is can be used on a variety of multimedia platforms overall. DVD’s can be used on computers, gaming consoles , televisions , projectors and DVD players whereas VHS is much more heavily restricted due to lack of overall support in later years.

convert VHS to DVD

Should You Convert VHS To DVD?

Overall If you are considering converting VHS to DVD. The most important things you should consider are the value of the Footage on the VHS tapes , the price and the long term benefits of doing so.

Overall if you are planning to keep VHS tapes converting them to DVD format is an excellent way to keep memories and tapes alive. The DVD provides an excellent and greatly flexible platform overall.

The conversion process takes only a matter of days and after the footage has been converted you can also retain the original copies as well as the new backups on DVD. This provides an excellent overall long term solution